New, luxury coastal suites towards the southernmost tip of Europe. Mani apartments partnered with Blue Deer to create a brand identity for their suites and on-site boutique, and also packaging for many varied items which they sourced from quality local producers.

We needed to marry the heritage and history of the area, which overlooks the islet upon which Helen of Troy and her twin brothers were born in eggs, with the modern style of the buildings, which mirror the sharp outlines of the surrounding rock formations.

We took ancient patterns from mosaics found in the nearby Temple of Poseidon as inspiration and used an earthy palette to create a memorable logo which is utilised throughout the establishment with etchings and embroidery.

You can find an umbrella juxtaposed with the monumental rocks of Katafigio and a fishing boat going on a tranquil sea in our designs for the labels for an amazing variety of products (honey, capers, truffles, wine, sweets and more), bringing together a family of distinction, which also serve as lasting momentos for visitors to the area.